The call has been made for a unique vision of performance in a global world, and DCDC has answered that call with CounterPoints, our 52nd artistic season. A riveting experience that nestles itself inside the vibrant and communal rhythms
of call and response cultures, this season moves our dance company into a new era of LIVE performance and DIGITAL engagement. Each production is an artistically centered way to participate in the beautiful conversations that we have all been craving during this time of global shift and change. Our upcoming productions—What’s Going On?, Home for the Holidays, and All About Love—help us to imagine a world (re)designed to reflect a community that walks together, dreams together...inspires together. It is a viscerally imagined experience of technical prowess, exquisite craft, and stunning embodied conversations.

In response to the pandemic, we invite you to experience DCDC’s 52nd Season through our NEW HyFlex performance model. HyFlex is a flexible means for you to connect with DCDC and allows you to engage with our performances at your
comfort level and, in some instances, on your own time. We are looking forward to engaging audience members locally and across the globe. The Hyflex performance model offers three ways to participate:

IN THE THEATRE - In-person theatrical presentation with social distancing measures in place. Please read below our State Mandated Rules For Attendance To Concerts And Events.

ONLINE - Streaming access to DCDC performances immediately followed by Lights UP, which is a curated topical online conversation with community guests asking and answering BIG IMAGINATIVE questions.

DCDC DIGITAL - Limited access to unique digital content curated by DCDC’s artistic team. With your subscription you are free to use our HyFlex model for your convenience. Each offering described in this brochure will indicate which of the three ways you can use to watch a DCDC performance. Because the HyFlex model is flexible, if a live In The Theatre performance is cancelled due to the pandemic or other circumstance, you can watch the performance streamed live Online or as a recorded performance through DCDC Digital. That way, you never have to be left out of a DCDC offering no matter what happens!

Visit or call 937-228-3630

What's Going On? |

Fifty years ago, in May 1971, Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On was released to great acclaim. See dancers enact and respond to the music of the great vocal artist, rightfully bestowed the double royal title Prince of Motown and Prince of Soul! This accompanies the dancers celebrating warm hues, deep feeling, and gracious gesture. Continue to celebrate the legacy of Marvin Gaye’s work at home by settling into DCDC DIGITAL’S first offering, What’s Going On?, a visual album. Designed by DCDC’s Associate Artistic Director, Qarrianne Blayr, this special production is a lusciously visual album that blends dance, spoken-word poetry, and the sounds of an era that will birth new creative energy for a forward-moving world.


First Look: First Look gives you access to the “Live Watch Party” on the release date of What’s Going On, and a conversation with the Dance Artists following the viewing. After you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email with the “Watch Party Zoom link.  On November 22 at 4pm, log in to, and enjoy!

Date/Time: Sunday, November 22, 2020, 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $25*

*Note: This option allows for a one-time viewing. This option also includes DCDC Digital, a visual album.

Second Time Around: Option allows you to experience What’s Going On a week after the release date, but does not include the conversation with the Dance Artists.  After you purchase your ticket, you will receive emailed instructions on how to view the rebroadcast of What’s Going On on November 28 & 29 on DaytonLive.Org.


Date/Time: Saturday, November 28, 2020 -- available all day beginning at 12AM through 11:59PM Sunday, November 29, 2020.

What’s Going On is streamed online and immediately followed by Lights Up, an online conversation with community guests. The topic will be how contemporary artists strategize for a new world. Join DCDC’s Chief Artistic Officer and Producing Director, Debbie Blunden-Diggs, in an intimate conversation with Natasha Spears, Dayton Art Institute, and Metaphorically Speaking.

Home for the Holidays |


Celebrate the holidays with DCDC as we dance the night away through joyous dance and song. This production will remind us of the things we treasure most: family, community, and home. Let this moving and joyful experience warm your family’s heart during the holiday season.



After you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email with instructions for viewing the performance.  Home For The Holidays  will be available for viewing between 12 a.m. on Saturaday December 26 and 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday December 29., log in to, and enjoy!  

Date/Time: Saturday, December 26, 2020, -- available all day beginning at 12a.m. through 11:59p.m. on December 29, 2020.
Cost: $25*

*Note: This viewing is for a limited time. This also includes DCDC Digital, a visual album.

All About Love

View a digital book that comes alive with every turn of the page! ALL ABOUT LOVE is a love note to the Dayton community wrapped up in the beauty and elegance of bodies in perpetual motion. It is the exploration of mattering that we need at this moment.

When you open your link to ALL ABOUT LOVE, you will immerse yourself in a book, with visual imagery that comes into motion with every click and turn.

Dancing together, we explore our relationship to this community through a production that is one-part love song and two parts visual story-telling. Deeply inspired by stories of love collected from across the region, guest choreographers premiere short dance works dedicated to the complex facets of love, written by members of our community and curated through a unique interdisciplinary partnership with The Lungs Project, a platform created to promote and nurture the work of artists and writers of color. This digital experience will include a collection of moving narratives that ask audiences to feel the nuanced emotions and grand feelings of love for the place we call home. Experience poetry in motion!

What’s more, this beautiful collection of poetry, prose and personal photos has been packaged into a one-of-a-kind, limited edition print book archiving the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company family. Available only while supplies last.

Date/Time:  March 14 - 31, 2021

Cost: $50 digital performance and limited edition "Love Notes"

$25 digital performance only