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About Us

A catalyst for change, DCDC has redefined dance. It has increased awareness of the African-American experience, ethos, and cultural heritage.

A Born Leader

DCDC is ranked in the top 20 African-American arts and cultural organizations in the country. However, being one of America's first (and longest) thriving dance companies and educators is not the only way DCDC leads. Consider, for example:

- DCDC's dedication to breakthrough creative
- DCDC's focus on financial stability and board involvement
- DCDC's openness to new ideas—including streamed content and education media
- DCDC's minority- and women-led teams
- DCDC's recognition internally as one of the premier African-American contemporary dance organizations
- DCDC's prudent use of all resources focused on creating amazing experiences for our audiences
- DCDC's creation of a steady stream of internationally recognized dancers and choreographers

See for yourself how we lead. Explore the Mission, Vision, and History of DCDC.

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Our professionally trained dance artists come from all over the country. They're known for their precision of dance execution, artistry, and connecting with audiences by emoting feelings that will touch your soul. One never leaves a performance unmoved. They use their bodies as instruments to communicate and elevate an impactful experience. We invite dancers to audition and be a part of the magic.

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Meet D2

D2  is an elite cohort of early-career performing dance artists comprised of recent graduate and undergraduate dance students. This program emphasizes professional artistic growth and lays the groundwork to narrow gaps between early-career artists and experienced performers.

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Meet Our Leaders

Artistic Leadership   Board Members & Staff Choreographers


Training & Auditions

We invite you to audition for us! Auditions traditionally occur in the spring. Be a part of our ongoing dance history and legacy.

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Fellowship Opportunities

The Jeraldyne Blunden Fellowship program is now in its fifth year. The ensemble also serves as apprentices to the main company, gaining in-depth knowledge and a higher learning experience.

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DCDC Newsletter

Keep up with DCDC.

Learn more about DCDC, in our community and around the world.

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