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Online Education

Moving beyond the studio space and into the home, dance and education lives everywhere!

Education Brought to Life

The online education programs cover a wide range of topics for every age level. Using vivid storytelling and movement as a form of communication, each video is a complete lesson in and of itself. With these lessons, students are able to experience dance education that truly enhances their retention.

Nana Akua Goes to School

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Symbolic Expressions

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The Lyricist: A Modern Day Poet

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Hear about the experiences.


Here at Frederick Douglass Elementary, we have seen a decrease in our chronic absenteeism rates since the introduction of our partnership with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.
Frederick Douglass Elementary School, Cincinnati
They (the dancers) kept the children engaged. Even a student I saw in another class, who was having a rough time, stopped and paid attention during the whole performance. I love how patient the dancers were with the children. Awesome experience for all.
After moving with the dancers and making my poem, I don't feel so angry.
Dayton Middle School
I love science now.
DCDC's Inspiration, Creation, Innovation program

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