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All About Love

March 14th - March 31, 2021

View a digital book that comes alive with every turn of the page! ALL ABOUT LOVE is a love note to the Dayton community wrapped up in the beauty and elegance of bodies in perpetual motion. It is the exploration of mattering that we need at this moment.


When you open your link to ALL ABOUT LOVE, you will immerse yourself in a book, with visual imagery that comes into motion with every click and turn.

Dancing together, we explore our relationship to this community through a production that is one part love song and two parts visual story-telling. Deeply inspired by stories of love collected from across the region, guest choreographers premiere short dance works dedicated to the complex facets of love, written by members of our community and curated through a unique interdisciplinary partnership with The Lungs Project, a platform created to promote and nurture the work of artists and writers of color. This digital experience will include a collection of moving narratives that ask audiences to feel the nuanced emotions and grand feelings of love for the place we call home. Experience poetry in motion!

What’s more, this beautiful collection of poetry, prose and personal photos has been packaged into a one-of-a-kind, limited edition print book archiving the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company family. Available only while supplies last.


We will also offer a one of a kind, limited edition photo book archiving short stories from the community and curated personal photos from some of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company family.  

Tickets Available at DaytonLive
$50 Limited Edition Print Copy and Digital Experience
$25 Digital Experience