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Wright State University

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The relationship between Wright State University and Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC) began over fourteen years ago. Former university President David Hopkins and DCDC’s current Chief Executive Officer Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders represented their respective institutions when the relationship was formed.

DCDC is an internationally renowned professional dance company with its roots founded in the African-American community in Dayton, Ohio. Wright State University is a national public university located in Dayton, Ohio. The university has a BFA degree with a dance major.

Partnership Highlights


• DCDC is housed in the WSU: Dayton complex on the Westside of Dayton.
• DCDC performs at the university’s student orientations.


• WSU houses DCDC’s archives of programming, photos, videos, and more.
• University students have been accepted into DCDC’s preparatory ensemble DCDC2 to hone their abilities as dancers.
• Some WSU dance graduates have performed on the performance stage with DCDC.

The partnership between WSU and DCDC serves as a national model for its uniqueness. Both institutions are trend setters rooted in our joint Dayton history. The relationship can only grow as each impacts the Dayton community in so many ways.